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CUMOND Hot water high pressure cleaners against oil and grease

Grease and oil are stubborn residues due to their consistency and durability. We offer a solution for residue removal without removing your kitchen equipment.
Using Cumond hot water gives instantly measurable results, softening congealed oil and grease and improving emulsification, making them very easy to remove. Cleaning agents are largely a thing of the past. In addition, the proven germ reduction step follows cleaning with hot water, which also meets many hygiene requirements without disinfectant. The significantly quicker dirt loosening gives you a time saving of up to 35 %. Our stationary and mobile hot water high-pressure cleaners are very eco-friendly and user-friendly. our stationary hot water high-pressure units with very high heating output are the most efficient solution. An automatic stainless steel hose reel on the point of use allows you to reach any area to be cleaned. When you have exterior cleaning needs such as pressure washing for dumpster areas, patios, or walkways, or interior cleaning needs such as the kitchen exhaust system, call us at +86-139-7498-0769 or visit us on line at http://www.cumond.net
We are licensed, professional and offer incredible quality machine!

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Contact: Lizzie

Phone: +86-13974980769

Tel: +86-731-83351174

Add: Zhentou district,Liuyang city,Hunan province. China 410319

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